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We help business owners and entrepreneurs reduce taxes proactively with a custom-built tax plan from our collection of 94 tax strategies.  


We can be your second pair of eyes and your accounting & financial partner to give you predictability and control.

Trisha S. Allen, CPA, our founder, a third-generation business owner and highly experienced Certified Public Accountant licensed in all 50 states.

We start by looking at tax returns, but there's a lot more to consider.  We'll talk about your business's financial goals and performance.

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Our Clients Receive Answers

to "What If" tax and finance questions.... 

  • How much should I be paying myself?

  • What if I purchase a business vehicle this year?

  • Should I purchase equipment this year, or next year?

  • When should I, or can I afford to, hire a new employee?

  • What am I going to owe this year? How can we reduce that?

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