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We are a Tax Planning and Preparation firm for business owners (tax planning available with a monthly package).  Our "done for you" bookkeeping keeps the financials clean year-round for forecasting and the tax planning process.  We prefer to be proactive, not reactive.

Do we prepare individual returns?  Yes, we do!  Many tax strategies are applied there.

Audit Protection and IRS Account Monitoring are also available.



  • Are you considering purchasing an aquisition or merger? 

  • Are you looking to exit your company in the coming years or have a younger team member complete a buy-in? 

  • Is your business expanding or closing? 

  • Should you buy or sell with an Asset Sale or a Stock Sale?  And, what's the difference? 

  • How can multiple owned entities interact for the best tax advantages? 

  • What type of entity should you choose?

  • What are your options for retirement savings that work for your business?

  • What should you be paying yourself?

  • Are you considering buying a large piece of equipment--is this the right year?

These are potential opportunities to help you save five to seven figures of unnecessary tax, legally!



Tax controversy representation and tax resolution is often where we begin with a new client, cleaning up prior messes and helping them to get into compliance.  Sometimes, we're working on prior years at the same time that we're helping them to get ahead on the current one. 


Taxpayers are randomly selected for audit by taxing authorities.  Imagine the relief you'd feel knowing that we've got your back!

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