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Tax Resolution.

IRS and State (Colorado, California, and other) tax problems are very personal and can affect all aspects of your life. Many people just live with the problem for months, or sometimes years, assuming that nothing can be done about it or not knowing where to turn for help.  Our compassionate team wants to help people like you.


We have come across many people who have tried to handle their IRS or State situation themselves (or with their current tax professional) but did not receive the relief they were seeking. Our staff knows how to navigate the IRS maze and will negotiate a personalized solution for your unique situation. We can protect your income and assets from aggressive IRS enforcement tactics and give you peace of mind knowing you no longer need to meet or speak with the IRS yourself.​

Our firm handles IRS and State tax representation services, which include: Preparation of Unfiled Income Tax Returns, Penalty Reduction, Offers in Compromise, Payment Plans, Financial Hardship Plans, Wage Garnishment/Bank Levy Releases, Audits, Payroll Tax Issues, and IRS Appeals.

It’s easy to fall behind, especially with recent out-of-control inflation and the economic devastation wrought by Covid-19. In these challenging times, providing IRS Tax help was a natural evolution for us at T. S. Allen & Associates.


We’ll listen to your tax difficulties in complete confidence at NO CHARGE. We will answer your questions, explain your options, and suggest solutions. If we feel we can help, we will provide you with a written estimate of our fees to permanently resolve your IRS troubles.

Begin your journey with us by filling out our quick questionnaire and tell us a little about your situation.  We will reach and help you take your first steps toward resolving your difficulties.

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