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Dental Practices

Our Dental Accounting Services include:
  • ​A dental-specific Chart of Accounts for your practice financials

  • Cloud accounting with intelligent transaction categorization from our years of working with dental practices

  • Monthly reconciliations of your bank accounts, credit cards, and loans to ensure all the income and expenses have been captured and non-revenue deposits are not taxable

  • Monthly adjusting journal entries to prepare the books for the tax planning and tax return preparation process

  • Financial and production reports reviewed by a dental CPA

  • Key Performance Indicators designed to educate and inform the practice owner about the health and profitability of the practice

  • Monthly CFO-level reports in layman's terms (no master's degree in Finance required)

Dentist Chair
Our dental payroll services include:
  • Cloud payroll platform allows your Office Manager to enter hours, change pay rates, track PTO, or update employee details and deductions

  • We assist also with changing pay rates, tracking PTO, and updating employee details and deductions

  • Accountant review of your payroll submission prior to finalizing

  • Owner payroll includes tax strategies custom designed during tax planning

  • Filing monthly, quarterly, and annual payroll tax reports on your behalf

Our dental tax services include:
  • Annual income tax preparation for the practice, individual practice owners, and any other owned entities

  • With the Porcelain Package, two meetings during the year with a dental CPA to review practice updates and provide a tax projection with tax strategies

  • Assistance with IRS and state tax issues

  • IRS account monitoring and audit protection available

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