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"I am pleased to highly recommend Trisha Allen for her exceptional accounting services tailored specifically to my dental practice. Their entire group is responsive and always available to help answer questions. Their attention to detail and dedication to staying current with industry standards and regulations have been invaluable to my business.


Trisha provides thorough and insightful reports that offer a clear picture of my practice's financial health and how it compares to similar dental practices. Their meticulous approach ensures that I am maximizing savings opportunities and operating as efficiently as possible. Their expertise and proactive strategies have significantly contributed to the financial stability and growth of my practice.


I am incredibly grateful for the peace of mind and financial clarity that Trisha consistently delivers. If you are seeking a knowledgeable and dependable CPA for your dental practice, I wholeheartedly recommend Trisha Allen."

Dr. Karlyn Taylor, DDS

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"I have been with Trisha for over 3 years, and she has been a time and life saver, taking the critical accounting and tax burdens off of me as a sole practitioner.


I have been consistently happy feeling that she is helping me get my tax burden as low as possible while at the same time guarding me from some of the crazier tax-saving ideas you see online. She's not afraid to say, "Don't do that", and I really respect her for that.


She is always a phone call or a portal message away, and she is very responsive to questions that I have. And when I don't have questions, she does all the behind-the-scenes work smoothly and competently to keep the practice I and my family rely on running well."

Dr. Chris Roberts, DDS, MS

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